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Carla Neff

First of all, I want to make it clear as to why I wrote this review of Illuminatural 6i.

I’ve been using this product for almost two years now and I am convinced that this product does work – in fact, I think this stuff simply kicks ass!illuminatural 6i-kicking-ass

I apologize if I offended anyone, but hey, if a product works well for me, I want to share its effectiveness and quality with others who may benefit from it as well as I do.

About five years ago, I started noticing age spots on my cheeks.

At about the same time, I waxed the area above my upper lip a couple of times.

To my horror, the skin above my lips darkened after waxing.

The skin was so dark, the area under my nose looked like it was covered with a mustache!

It was very embarrassing. As if all of this wasn’t enough, the dark spots on my face, hands, and arms were becoming worse due to the fact that I frequently jog in the sun.

I went to dozens of department stores looking for a solution, where I bought lots of illuminatural 6i solution to lighten skinexpensive skin lightening products.

I used each one for at least 30- 60 days, making sure I gave each cream and lotion a fair chance to work on my spots.

I was once told by a sales clerk that, since the spots took several years to develop, it would a take long time for the creams to make my spots disappear.

Many of the products were returned to the store, since they didn’t seem to be helping my complexion. Just out of curiosity, I also tried a couple of homemade remedies – they kind of worked, but they were very, very slow.

Skin Whitening Home Remedies You Can Try

honey skin whitening home remedyOne homemade remedy I tried was using honey mixed with a lemon.

The lactic acid in the lemon acts as a bleach that whitens the skin and slowly fades the dark spots, while the honey helped moisturized my face.

It seemed to be working, but like I said, it was very, very slow.

If you’re not in a hurry for results and want to stick with a purely natural way to lighten your skin, you can try this method.

After cutting a lemon into slices, squeeze the juice into a container of some sort, and then mix in really well one or two teaspoons of organic honey.

Simply apply the mixture to the places on your face and body you want to treat and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

vinegar for skin whiteningAnother common household item that I’ve used in a homemade remedy is Vinegar.

Because it has excellent skin lightening and astringent properties, it’s perfect for getting rid of pigments, dark spots and other types of blemishes.

To use, start by mixing vinegar and equal amounts of water in a bowl. Rinse your face well with the mixture.

Repeat until you get the desired results. Do not rinse the mixture with plain water after application.

This is How I Used Illuminatural 6i:

I bought the small bottle and, following the directions carefully, tested some on a small area of my arm for three days.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.

The bottle is small but you only need a tiny amount.

My experience with that size of bottle proved to me that, if you were treating your whole face, the bottle should last about two months.

If you were just doing your hands or an old scar, it would last for much longer.

I applied it twice and, as recommended by the company, used a sun screen at all times of SPF 30 or higher. Much to my surprise and delight, my upper lip started getting lighter.

My Before and After Experience with Illuminatural 6i

before using illuminatural 6iMy years- old scars and age spots are either completely gone or have faded to the point where they’re very difficult to see.

These days, my skin is looking clearer and with a much more even tone.

There are tons of before and after photos on the Internet. A lot of people are skeptical about these photos.

It’s true – there are some fake before and after photos on the Internet. But I can honestly say that I started seeing these results in about three weeks.

after using illuminatural 6iOk, obviously, these before and after pictures aren’t of me. I’ll only say that I was dared to inset them into this article!

I bought two more bottles and continued the treatment. Now, after nearly two years and dozens of bottles, I keep using Illuminatural 6i on new scars left by occasional pimples or on new age spots.

Pretty much all the reviews of the product are positive. They claim results have been better than anything they had previously tried.

The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their product. This type of guarantee tends to only be offered when the company believes in the product.

My advice to you is to not expect results overnight. Give the product plenty of time to work and use sun screen religiously.

Believe in Illuminatural 6i, be patient and you‘ll most likely see the product work for you, as well. Based on the package information, the ingredients used in Illuminatural 6i are all natural.

Well… Does Illuminatural 6i Really Work?

My own experience has been this: my age spots are either completely gone or have significantly faded, and small scars left behind from pimples have disappeared, too.

If you’re considering using a skin lightening cream to treat those dark and uneven areas of your face and body, then you should seriously consider trying Illuminatural 6i.

If you need more reasons to try Illuminatural 6i, then here are four that I’ve come up with. As you read through them, give some serious thought to why you should give Illuminatural 6i a try and see for yourself how effective it can be in smoothing out the overall skin tone of your face.

Illuminatural 6i is convenient to purchase. From time to time, Illuminatural 6i is available through select spas, medical offices, estheticians and clinics.

However, you’re not going to easily find it at these places and the other usual retail outlets.

If you’re not able to find a local outlet to purchase Illuminatural 6i from, you can always purchase it online.

You can use Illuminatural 6i for all skin types and tone. If you’re a man or woman (don’t use if you’re pregnant or nursing) or even a child older than 12, you’ll be able to benefit from the skin lightening results of Illuminatural 6i.

There are really no limitations on what skin types Illuminatural 6i can be used on – it’s been proven to work on white, dark, African American, and other ethnic skin types.

You can reduce the signs of aging by using Illuminatural 6i. As our skin ages, it develops those tell-tale liver and sun spots that unkindly reveal that we are not as young as we would like to be!

These spots of dark pigmentation are especially common in people who have done a lot of sunbathing.

Illuminatural 6i is effective in treating these signs of aging and the effect is said to be permanent, as long as the individual uses a sunblock and restricts their sun exposure.

There are little to no side effects when using Illuminatural 6i. I think it’s pretty clear by now that Illuminatural 6i doesn’t contain any ingredients known to harm the skin of most people, including those with especially sensitive skin.

Yes, there may be some redness or mild irritation when first used, but this usually goes away after awhile. All in all, it’s a very safe and effective cream for your skin lightening needs.

I will continue to use it because I’ve been more than happy with the overall performance of this product. For me, Illuminatural 6i is the ass kicking skin lightening product I’ll be using for a long time!!


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