Hi, I'm Carla NeffHi, I’m Carla Neff and welcome to my website –  skinazzle.com.

At first, I was planning on creating a small website that would focus primarily on reviewing SkinBright Skin Brightening Cream.

But as I began to research the subject of skin lightening (also known as skin whitening, skin brightening and skin bleaching) I quickly realized that this is a big topic with lots of people searching for information about skin lightening.

Consequently, I decided to greatly increase my investigation of skin whitening and related skin care issues, as well as the size of my website.

Since I’m constantly in the process of researching and presenting the latest information available, I encourage you to visit this site often and see for yourself what’s new and newsworthy in the field of skin lightening and skin care.

While you’re here on this page, let me tell you a little bit about who I am. I’m a married mom of one boy and live in a medium sized city in Kansas, where I also work as a 6th grade science teacher.

I suppose my science background is partly responsible for my interest in the science of skin care. When my skin began to show signs of sun damage, and maybe from some Melasma, as well, I began looking for a product or solution that would get rid of the discoloration.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to work with something natural and completely avoid harmful stuff like hydroquinone, mercury and other toxic substances.

My research led me to SkinBright. After trying it for awhile, I realized that I was happy with the results and decided to educate other people on it’s effectiveness. Thus was born this website.

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Thank you again for stopping by!